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2001 Audi A6 Review, Michael Mays, From Benicia, CA

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A6 2.7t Sort Quattro

 Model of the car:A6 2.7t Sort Quattro
 General comments:If you are a serious driving enthusiast or just serious about safety, quality and value, then look no further than the Audi A6 2.7 T Quattro with Sports Package.

The A6 2.7t offers an ideal blend of performance, sex appeal, luxury and name exclusivity. I have 37,000 miles on my A6 and have experienced no major propblems requiring lengthly repairs. The brake rotors are a bit problematic, but the repair efforts solved the problem.

Up in the snow, the A6 quattro offers you and your family all the cold weather handeling capability you could ever reasonably expect or need. Plus, say goodby to roof-top ski racks. Simply fold the ski port down from the back seat and your skis fit neatly within the trunk.

I spent another $1,000 on the GIAC engine and transmission performance "Chip" and have about 310 horsepower and 358 pound feet of torque at my disposal.

Because of the power and supurb handeling and performance of this vehicle, I think I've discovered one of the best kept secrets in the automotive industry.

The 2.7t is possibly as close as you or I will ever find in an all-around performance luxury sports sedan.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Some wind noise and poor brake design.
 Previous car:Acura, BMW

Review 2001 Audi A6 Michael Mays, From Benicia, CA
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