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2001 Audi A6 Review, John, From Nj

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- A6 2.7T

 Model of the car:- A6 2.7T
 General comments:While this is by no mean an inexpensive car, it (relatively speaking) is a good value. It's fun to drive, has all wheel drive, has safety features galore, has nice styling (to me) and has a great interior (second only to the Jaguars). I wasn't as impressed with the Xenon lights as I thought I would be, but the package, which includes auto dimming mirrors, is worth it. A few minor annoyances are the intrusive center console that will limit your right leg (didn't really notice it until after purchase, but pretty easy to ignore). Also, the interior has nice brushed aluminum -- why use tacky chrome on the shift plate and door hanles. Finally, visibility out the back is poor, given the high trunk deck and the pillors behing the rear windows.I didn't consider BMW 5 series, Mercades, or any Lexus since they are rear wheel drive only. I would have liked to consider the new Jaguar Type X, which may be a better value, but it wasn't out yet and I really needed a car (and I don't like being the Guiny pig for new models). The Volvo S80 seemed to have too many reliability problems to consider
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Intrusive center console, visability out rear, use of chrome in interior, exterior styling starting to blur with Passat
 Previous car:I test drove the following.Toyota Camry V6 - nice car, but not in the same class.Honda V6 - nicer than Camry, but again, not in the same class.Toyota Avalon - exterior OK, except for the tail - what were they thinking? Better accelaration than 2.8, but no

Review 2001 Audi A6 John, From Nj
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