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2001 Audi A6 Review, Tim, From San Jose

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 Model of the car:A6-2.7T
 General comments:After having driven over 10k miles mixed evenly among city, highway, and twisty mountain roads, I thoroughy love this car. The dealer is very helpful with free maintenance (although 30 days from my call was the soonest I could get the maintenance visit), answering questions (yes, there is only supposed to be ONE rear fog lamp!), and expediting maintenance as I waited. I had a memorable experience driving over a twisting mountain road I take frequently. On that day it was raining really heavily, with frequent and deep streams crossing the road with poor visibility because of spray and darkness. The A6-2.7T cornered like the road was dry. And it was NOT due to the magic ESP (when it comes into effect there is a warning light) -- it simply had fabulous grip. On dry roads, the tires show that they are the weak link. But you can push them far beyond the squealing onset and still get a good line through the turn. I am 6'6" and one of my priorities is headroom. Even though it has a sunroof, there is plenty of headroom in front, less in back. I can easily drive it without even putting the seat all the way rearward. I love the programmable remotes which move the seating position for a second driver. Trunk space is very good. With a third of the rear seat down, I can put my mountain bike (disassembled) in the trunk!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:fuel consumption, cup holders, highest wiper speed is more like "medium"
 Previous car:MB E320, Nissan Maxima, VW Passat, Ford Crown Victoria. I am in sales, so on one hand I want a good car because I spend a lot of time in it and I carry customers whom I don't want inconvenienced. On the other hand, if I drive too expensive of a car, my cu

Review 2001 Audi A6 Tim, From San Jose
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