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2001 Audi A6 Review, Paul , From Mesa, AZ

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A6 2.7T

 Model of the car:A6 2.7T
 General comments:I agree totally with the previous writer who describes different personalities with different A6 configurations. I owned a 01 S4 prior to this--was wrecked in an accident. I purchased the A6 as a replacement for more room.My A6 has the APR Stage I dealer installed chip--307hp and 366 ft lb torque--absolutely dizzying speed. The car came with the new sport package consisting of 17 inch rims, sport seats, stiffer suspension, 225
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Overboosted steering
 Previous car:S4 (excellent but small vehicle), Boxter S( totally different product and feel but definitely not as quick feeling or luxurious as my current A6--not to mention unable to haul 4 people comfortably), BMW 325 (no comparison), Mercedes S class (luxury cruise

Review 2001 Audi A6 Paul , From Mesa, AZ
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