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1999 Audi A6 Review, Dean, From San Antonio

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Audi A6

 Model of the car:Audi A6
 General comments:Paid 35k a year ago. I want to LOVE this car, but I only like it a lot becasue 200HP simply is not enolugh for the price paid. If it had 225-250, this would be the most perfect luxury car on the road. I know that you can get the Bi-Turbo now and I am sure that it is the car I am looking ofr BUT... it is 40k (that may not be a big deal to some)and it is turbo meaning 5000 mile service intervals instead of 7500 for normally aspirated. I love EVERYTHING about this car but it doe snot have enough low end grunt- the tiptronic helps, but is not the answer. In typical German fashion - it goes from 40-80 MHP VERY FAST. But from 0-40 it is simply not good enough for 35k.One more note- I got mine with the "warm weather package" That has a solar powered sunroof that powers the AC fan when the car is parked if the ambient temp gets too high- it DOES WORK! And a motorized screen can be raised to cover the back windshield to keep the sun out, very cool (all puns intended)and worth the money. To some the power is not a big thing- if not, buy this car. The style and overall competance of the car is truly stunning.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:I CAN'T GET NO POWER SIR!
 Previous car:NONE

Review 1999 Audi A6 Dean, From San Antonio
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