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1999 Audi A6 Review, Dean, From San Antonio, TX

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Audi A6

 Model of the car:Audi A6
 General comments:Lets first say that I love AUDI's I have an A6 2.8 Quattro and my wife has an A4 2.8. I paid $34k for my black A6. The only two complaints that I have are these, the power is enough but the tranny needs to be Americanised to give us more tourqe at lower speeds. And the Transmission does shift quirky for the first two gears- too much computerization. Also, I had an A4 from 96-99 and this A6 I have paid about $1200 out of pocket INCLUDING TIRES FOR THE A4 to run both these cars. I simply have not had any service problems that the warranty diod not handle. Put 96k miles on the A4 in 4 years- no problem. But for 10-14k less a Nissan Maxima has more power and is a nice package. I think I should have more power for my 34k (now 37-38k) than a Maxima. No Japanese car can hold a candle to the interior of the A6. simply a great place to be when stuck in a traffic Jam. The 2000 model has a single CD in the dash as well as trunk- nice touch. When this lease is done I will consider the turbo- but the Turbo has 3000 mile service intervals- the 2.8 has 7500. Taking to the dealer every 3k is too soon. I may look elsewhere when I am ready in 2003- not because these are not great cars, but 45k for the turbo may be pushing my budget. Now if they upped the 2.8 to 220 hp and lowered the gearing a bit...
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Power, low end grunt, getting pricey for 200hp. Passat is getting to be a much better value as price for A6's go up. Basically the same car with less luxury and much less money.
 Previous car:Other Audi's.

Review 1999 Audi A6 Dean, From San Antonio, TX
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