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1999 Audi A6 Review, Kendall, From NY, NY

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Audi A6

 Model of the car:Audi A6
 General comments:The Audi A6 Avant offers true European style and luxury. Quite an impressive offering for a staion wagon. If you want a true AWD sport wagon with luxury this car is for you. The BMW 528i Wagon, although sportier and more luxurious just doesn't compare in foul weather, plus it feels more cramped. The E320 4-matic wagon, may be a better match, I don't know, but even the 4-matic is really based on a rear wheel drive platform unlike Audi which is truly all wheel Drive. The Volvo cross country or AWD V70 models just doesn't compare in refinement, and driving experience to the Audi. For the price and considering dealers are willing to bargain, I think the A6 Avant is a good value.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:For a 200HP car with 207 pd feet of torque, the car felt disappointing off the line in acceleration. The quattro adds some weight in the equation, but the car feels far more sluggish than a 528i wagon. Part of the problem can be the sluggish tiptronic transmission which I feel is not as efficient as BMW's. The car definitely rides a little soft, and steering feels loose and vague. Audi needs to add another 25 HP to this car, or either that, change the gear ratios so it can pick up better on the highway ramp. I wish there were more choices available for the A6 Avant. Audi should offer a wider variety of options, like a sports package with bigger wheels the way BMW does, or maybe even offer the V8 Avant also. Fit and finish on the Audi is good, although I was rather surprised at some of the cheap accesories on the car. The cruise control system is more efficient on a $19k Accord. The windshield wipers are a joke on this car and unacceptable for a car of this class. I also found the trip computer rather jurassic, offering limited features, and not that accurate readings. The fuel gauge on our car has not worked since the 2nd month and still not fixed. Audi has a recall on this item, but parts are scarce, and still could not get a dealer appointment to get this fixed.
 Previous car:1993 BMW 525ia. After 7 years of ownership, I like this car better than the Audi. My BMW is a better driving car than the Audi.

Review 1999 Audi A6 Kendall, From NY, NY
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