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1999 Audi A6 Review, Paul, Toronto Canada

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 Model of the car:Audi
 General comments:I still don't understand the people who complain about these cars. The average person informs themself before they buy a vehicle. The 2.8 sure isn't very fast, but it's a very smooth & comfortable car. If you like to give once in a while then the 2.7 twin-turbo is a better option for you, but don't forget that those turbos requier more service. And if you want a fast and reliable car then look for the 4.2, it also got better looks to it.
For the guys that have a problem with the acceleration of the 2.8 should consider giving their computer chip a "performance programming" and maybe change the throttle body to again a "performance" aftermarket peace, the car will pick up and react. And the least you could try is adding an intake. If you have a couple of extra bucks to spend and you're not lazy there is ways of getting those extra 25 horses (or more) and it's not very expensive. http://www.abt-sportsline.com/ try here, it's not the cheapest company to go with but they can make a real beast out of a regular Audi sedan. There is many more out there!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:My A6 is already 7 years old almost 150k on it, I had very little issues. Well the battery died recently (7 years is completly normal for any battery) and recalls which are not a big deal. I take great care of it (YES I get my hands dirty!) and I fix things before they can even happen, or at least I try. Who ever complains about the speed or acceleration is LOST, SPACE CADET. Do something about it or don't buy the car. And Audi is far more reliable than a BMW any day. Just treat the car right and it'll make you happy!

Review 1999 Audi A6 Paul, Toronto Canada
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