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2006 Audi A6 4.2 Road Test

Whatever it is, it sure clears out the fast lane in one heck of a jiffy, that's for sure. A6 drivers are like Moses parting the Red Sea--with slower-moving traffic replaced the discolored body of water. And if Moses drove an A6, he wouldn't have been lost in the desert for so long, because the navigation system would have directed him straight out.

One thing which becomes apparent with every Audi I drive is the pride taken in their interiors. Every time I board one, I scan my surroundings only to be pleasantly surprised by the perfect assembly of every piece. A masterfully assembled selection of wood, aluminum, chrome and leather awaits the driver. It's broken up by LCD displays, and a center console that puts fighter-jet like controls all at your fingertips. The accent lighting at night is especially nice--with cool blue or red accents pointing at your feet and illuminating the door-mounted armrests.

I've visited less-inviting living rooms, none of which having been equipped with a stereo like the Bose unit in the A6. The system fitted to my tester was staggering. The sound that fills the cabin from its ten speakers is unbelievable. Until now, the only way to hear this level of crispness and detail in your tunes was with headphones--this stereo is head and shoulders above any other I've laid ears on.

The interior isn't just a beautifully-made and spacious concert hall either, but it's functional and practical too. Headroom, even in back, is generous considering how the sunroof chews up space in the ceiling liner. Rear passengers also get separate climate control and heated seats. Getting in and out is a cinch, the doors open wide and there is plenty of space around their openings. Storage space inside is adequate, though the center armrest is a little annoying, having to be opened fully before


2006 Audi A6 4.2 Road Test
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