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Audi will start making A6 from Feb/Mar 2007
Audi will start making A6 from Feb/Mar 2007...Audi AG will start manufacturing its A6 luxury sedan in India from February/March next year, the company said on Monday. Volkswagen AG's luxury arm will assemble the car at the Aurangabad factory of group company Skoda AS. "This engagement gives us a better chance to tap the market. Through the...

Ricardo’s new Cross-axle Torque Vectoring Audi A6 4.2l V8 ...
...December 8, 2006 Delegates at Berlin’s prestigious 5th International CTI-Symposium, “Innovative Automotive Transmissions” , were this week given the opportunity to be the first to experience Ricardo ’s new Cross-axle Torque Vectoring demonstrator. Based on an Audi A6 4.2l V8 Quattro Avant,...

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A6 2.7t from the CB - CT
I picked up one of these used in 2004. CPO with 50,000 on the odo. The CPO has helped in repairs to an O2 sensor, new radiator, and some assorted switches and buttons. I have been quite pleased with the performance of the car. ESP is king on slippery...

Audi A6 Quattro from the Tiverton, RI
I bought my 2001 Audi A6 with 57,000 miles, I now have 97,000. During the time I have only replaced the passenger headlamp bulb and passenger taillight bulb. I have replaced the battery and the car is currently in the shop for the alternator. I think...

A6 Quattro from the Paul, Toronto Canada
I still don't understand the people who complain about these cars. The average person informs themself before they buy a vehicle. The 2.8 sure isn't very fast, but it's a very smooth & comfortable car. If you like to give once in a...

Audi A6 HistoryThe A6 is a midsize luxury car. Its primary competitors are the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5-Series, Jaguar S-Type, Lexus GS and Volvo S80.

In 1995 (year may be contested!) the Audi 100 (C4) was facelifted and turned into the A6. The exterior was largely left unchanged as well as the engines; up until 1997 the A6 came with several different engines two of them diesel and many of them avaliable with Audi's four wheel drive Quattro.

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